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A very thoughtful professional, with amazing references and lots of creativity. Improving ideas on the smallest details. Great composer overall; easy to work with, even if you know nothing about music.

giovanna sanches

| producer and sound director |

| baubo produtora |

Tasteful and versatile composer. Very easy to work with, even under pressure, and overall a great and laid-back guy that pumps up good music as well as team morale.

Daniel Moori

| Game Developer |

Besides an exceptional composer, Willians is an attentive and dedicated professional. He fully grasps references and he turns ideas into music. He handles the projects carefully and yet surprises us with how fast he works. I highly recommend his work.

Nathália Corrêa

| Documentarist |

| RuNa filmes |

He's a competent professional who not only delivers great work but also offers helpful suggestions and improvements

for each project.